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John Grissmer, 1987
USA, 84 min.

“It’s not cranberry sauce.”

Louise Lasser turns in a subtle, sympathetic performance in this otherwise ridiculous and notoriously gory slasher. This one has to be seen to be believed!

10 years ago one of two twin brothers, Todd and Terry, committed a violent murder, the problem is the authorities locked the wrong one up! Now Todd has escaped and is coming home for Thanksgiving dinner while his brother Terry is up to his old tricks, slashing and maiming like a low rent Patrick Bateman with popped collar and chilling preppie affect, and blaming Todd for his bloody handiwork. So now, it’s up to Todd to stop his murdering sibling before he fucks up Thanksgiving for everyone … PERMANENTLY.

Seen in a heavily cut version, BLOOD RAGE (NIGHTMARE AT SHADOW WOODS) is a slice of Florida shot weirdness that reaches new levels of jaw dropping, hyperactive bloodletting. Odd, bloody, laughably “psychological”, claustrophobic and heavy on the synth – this is one forgotten slasher treat worth giving thanks for.