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'A Collection of Slow Happenings'

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The CLUSTER Gallery | 200 6th Street

Curated by Joonhyun Hwang, Jin Choi

“A Collection of Slow Happenings" is the first solo show for Yiyang Cao.

“A Collection of Slow Happenings” is a body of work which explores the codependent pairing of entertainment and waiting. Vehicle headrests with built in video screens placed on stands are arranged in a cluster similar to a waiting room. Each screen displays a four minute video in loop. Anti-dramatic scenes are shot in super slow motion, and depict unexciting events.

Objects normally reserved for entertainment, and passing time quickly (on long drives), have been repurposed to illustrate the existential reality of spending time focusing on a small display screen. Slow motion in commercial film is a tool used to expand dramatic events and high octane action scenes; Cao has applied this effect on anti-climactic moments like shots of a bush, the sky, and a walking tortoise.

Intrigued by how people spend time while waiting and in transit, Cao’s “A Collection of Slow Happenings” aspires to have its viewers challenge their own perceptions about time and waiting.

Yiyang Cao (b. 1991, Hangzhou, China) is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA in Film/Animation/Video at Rhode Island School of Design. Cao works with video, installation and film to explore the perception of time, media, and its affect on people. Studying the contradictions in waiting and entertainment, Cao attempts to provoke dimensional thought on our collective states of waiting and being. Through the investigation of routines, daydreams, and their relationship with events in modern society, Cao’s projects often take the form of social arrangements. Directly engaging with non- traditional audiences outside the art world, Cao has used crowd-funding platforms, film festivals, and waiting rooms as venues. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and France.

For further information, please email eyoung.cao@gmail.com or visit www.yiyangcao.com





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