A Picnic to Represent All Picnics

With Claire Lehmann & John Houck

A Picnic to Represent All Picnics With Claire Lehmann & John Houck | Events Calendar

Tribeca / Downtown

Triple Canopy | 264 Canal Street

Thursday, June 23
7:00 p.m.
155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn, New York
$5 suggested donation, free for members

What do photographic standards tell us about how we want the world to look? Claire Lehmann's recently published essay, “Color Goes Electric,” discloses memory’s role in establishing color standards, and scrutinizes and revels in the bizarrely compelling photographic test targets used to track them. Lehmann details the industry’s attempts to balance accuracy and human preference in the development of film products, and the ways in which Kodak and Fuji have exaggerated hues without exceeding “the naturalness constraint”—without making the world on film seem unbelievable.

The evening will consist of presentations by Lehmann and John Houck, an artist whose work navigates the spaces between algorithmic consistency and the mutability of our senses (and memories). In his focus on the still life, Houck draws on his experiences with programming and psychoanalysis to produce works that, like Lehmann’s essay, highlight the paradoxical constructedness of photography and its claim to depict reality. The ensuing conversation will be moderated by Triple Canopy contributing editor Hannah Whitaker.