A Strange Road to Materials by Licio Isolani

A Strange Road to Materials by Licio Isolani  | Events Calendar

Clinton Hill / Fort Green

Opening from

Steuben Gallery at Pratt Institute | 200 Willoughby Ave.

An exhibition of the works of Emeritus Professor Licio Isolani donated to the Mathematics and Science department in contribution to the department’s vision to create a Center for Research in Science and Arts.

Emeritus Prof. Licio Isolani, a pioneer in the exploration of plastics and polymeric materials that were becoming available from industry in the mid 1950’s and ’60s, has recently donated several of his arworks to the department of Mathematics and Science. These artworks include sculptures made of fiber glass and colored resins as well as paintings using metallic and transparent pigments that he produced in the period of 1954 to early 1970’s.

The study of polymeric materials used by artists during that time period is today a matter of great interest in the field of Art Conservation. The Mathematics and Science Department is presently creating a database of these materials and professor Isolani’s donation give us precious real life examples that will be exhibited along with the materials database.

The opening of the show will feature talks by President Schutte, Architect and designer Gaetano Pesce and Prof. Carole Sirovich, chair of the Mathematics and Science Department. A documentary of Isolani's work as artist and Pratt’s professor by filmmaker Gerhald Wahl will follow.