A Woman Like Me

+ Q&A with Elizabeth Giamatti

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Rest Of Brooklyn

BAM | 30 Lafayette Ave.

Directed by Elizabeth Giamatti, Alex Sichel | 2015

Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2011, Alex Sichel turned to writing and directing as a means of coping, creating a fictional, more optimistic alter ego (tenderly portrayed by Lili Taylor) with the same prognosis. Co-director Elizabeth Giamatti documented the creative process, and together they crafted an inventive documentary-narrative hybrid that chronicles Sichel’s journey through her illness. Winner of SXSW's Special Jury Prize for Directing, A Woman Like Me is candid, emotional, and a powerfully affecting elegy to the loss of life and art.

RUN TIME: 84min

This screening will feature a Q&A with co-director Elizabeth Giamatti.