4th Performance Session

ACOUSTIC FORMULAE 4th Performance Session | Events Calendar


REVERSE | 28 Frost Street

A formula establishes a set of elements or actions and the relationships among them. It arranges different forces or positions to achieve a result or to indicate a procedure. Some formulas fail, others make new formulas possible. In Acoustic Formulae, the ratios and agencies of the different elements at play -bodies, voices, hardware, software, and even tea cups- shift during the time of the performance. In this redistribution, new unscripted formulas are generated.

Musical improvisation opens up a space for real-time interaction, bringing out nonhierarchical, collaborative, and conversational aural heterocosms: self-contained worlds that offer alternative possibilities.


Thursday, June 12: Lea Bertucci & Leila Bordreuil, Levy Lorenzo & Merche Blasco
Tuesday, June 17th: Michael Vorfeld as part of Dark Circuits Festival
(Date TBA): Megan Schubert & Rebecca Warner

Performances will take place at 8 PM on the above dates. There will be an admission fee of $5 for each of them.