+ Q&A with Jennifer Phang & Jacqueline Kim

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Rest Of Brooklyn

BAM | 30 Lafayette Ave.

Directed by Jennifer Phang | 2015
With Jacqueline Kim, Freya Adams, James Urbaniak, Jennifer Ehle, Jennifer Ikeda, Samantha Kim, Ken Jeong

In a cutthroat future metropolis, middle-aged single mother Gwen (co-writer Jacqueline Kim) loses her job at a biotech corporation that places its customers in desirable new bodies. Alienated from her family and unemployable in a youth-obsessed marketplace, she worries about affording her gifted daughter’s prep-school tuition and contemplates undergoing the identity-altering procedure she was once hired to sell. A Special Jury Award winner at Sundance, this visually inventive feminist take on dystopian sci-fi delves deep into themes of familial sacrifice, the anxiety of aging, and technology’s ever-tightening grip on modern selfhood.

RUN TIME: 91min

This screening will feature a Q&A with director Jennifer Phang and actor Jacqueline Kim.