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"Not In a Million Beers"

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Real Estate Fine Art | 1144 Manhattan Ave.

Real Estate is pleased to present the gallery's inaugural show, Not In a Million Beers, a solo exhibition by Alicia Gibson. Gibson’s paintings are smart, funny, angry, thoughtful, and generous. Although they are carefully considered, there is no cold calculation present here. Each painting is a legitimate extension of her thought process and emotional state. These days, there's plenty to rage at in our day-to-day lives. Gibson lashes out wildly at ex-boyfriends, art world creeps, and digital frustrations. She tears into the paintings with an unhinged abandon of movement and material, yet there is something both sweet and joyful about these paintings. The desire to kick against the bricks only thrives in individuals sensitive enough to grasp the nature of the walls enclosing them.

Do not mistake these paintings as simply an adult take on teen angst. Alicia’s color choices and gleeful scrawls manifest sophisticated, raucous joy. We see Gibson having a great time while confronting challenges and frustration in both her personal life and the painting process. Her energy is infectious. To put it in her own words “Moderation has never been a concern. My work is diaristic, uses double entendres, and is often topically immature. Working with a collage mentality and feminist tendencies, I often use satire to process a grave situation.”

Alicia Gibson was born in Manhasset, New York in 1980. She completed her BA at Boston College in 2002 with additional studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 2004. She received her MFA from Hunter College in 2009. She has exhibited widely in New York. Most recently in group exhibitions at Julius Caesar in Chicago, and Venus Over Manhattan, as well as a solo exhibition at Canada in 2016.

Real Estate is a new gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, founded founded in 2017 by Jeremy Willis, Kenan Gunduz, and Lisa Cooley. For images and more information, please call Jeremy at 917-750-6811, or email realestategallerybk@gmail.com. The gallery is located at 1144 Manhattan Avenue at Box Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


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