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Monday, July 20
Steve Reinke, Andy, video, 8:38, 1998 | DirtyLooksNYC

Both documentary portrait and amateur porn, Steve Reinke’s Andy features a man’s well-appointed, bourgeois apartment. In voiceover, the titular character describes in endless, yawn-inducing detail where he’s found certain items of furniture – such as the lighting fixtures sourced on sale from Canadian Tire – to paint colors and other cheerful tips, including the suggestion that if you “ever need to bring an apartment alive, just put some lemons in a bowl.” Simultaneous to Andy’s narrative, he appears in various poses around the room, masturbating in fetish wear and cock rings, such that base sexuality and tasteful sophistication are absurdly juxtaposed.

Based in the Netherlands, XTube was established in 2006 and is notable for being the first website allowing users to upload and share pornographic videos. With over nine million registered users and a United States rank of 784 as of December 2014, it’s one of the most popular adult content websites.