Artist as Curator Post-Pratt Panel Discussion

Artist as Curator Post-Pratt Panel Discussion  | Events Calendar

With Jenni Crain, Will Hutnick and Dakota Sica, moderated by Kelly Worman

Clinton Hill / Fort Green

Pratt Institute | 200 Willoughby Ave

Please join us for for the Artist as Curator Post-Pratt panel discussion with artist-curators and Pratt alumni Jenni Crain, Will Hutnick and Dakota Sica, moderated by Kelly Worman.

Alumni Reading Room
Library, Third Floor
Pratt Brooklyn Campus

It has become common practice for artists to work across disciplines, and now we see more artists than ever entering the other side of the art world, working as curators, gallerists, dealers, and critics.

Are artists working in cross-disciplinary practices, such as critical writing and curation, contributing to shifting paradigms in arts infrastructures? Is this shift along with coinciding changes in the contemporary economy influencing the role of the artist and the perceived value of their work within the art world? Does higher art education (such as MFAs and PhDs) and contemporary studio practice cultivate these hybrid working models?

In this panel discussion, we will discuss if and/or how collaborative, hybrid modes of working currently being adopted by artists aid or hinder a realignment of power relationships and meaning production in the art world.

How does an artist’s practice, framed by the exponential growth of technology, critical thinking fostered by M.F.A. programs and studio practice, and the contemporary economic climate, evolve today?