Atmospheric Pressure

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WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center) | 135 Broadway

Curated by Brittany Natale

“atmospheric pressure: n (Physics / General Physics) the pressure exerted by the atmosphere at the earth's surface.”

Participating Artists:
Camille Altay, Jonathan Chapline, Terri Chiao, Yun-Woo Choi, Matthew Craven, DAO, Michael Dunne, Nicholas Forker, Adam Frezza, Maria Gotay, R. Guzman, Ken Kocses, Jason Kachadourian, Kathryn Lees, Albert Manetta, Dimitrios Manousakis, Lorraine Nam, James Payne, Yaz Rosete, Abby Ronner, Ricky Roques, Sylvia Sewell, Marcia Shapiro, Michael Linton Simpson, Julia Sinelnikova.

The pressures of the world are all around us - from the external forces we experience day to day to the personal stresses we place upon ourselves. Growing up, figuring out life and how to make a living are all pressures that we may encounter as time goes by. However, pressure can also be present in our lives in a more delicate sense. The pressure of the paintbrush on canvas, the pressure of the sculptor’s hand, the pressure on a camera’s button. All of these forces are actually one of the first steps to creation. “Atmospheric Pressure: A Young Artists Collection”, explores and expresses how even just a tiny amount of pressure can birth creativity and produce quite wonderful things. It also acts as a vehicle to remind us that all pressure is not bad.