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Beth Livensperger, "The East" 2014, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.

Upper E Side

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John Molloy Gallery | 49 East 78th St.

Curated by Nancy Zander

John Molloy Gallery is pleased to announce Refractions, an exhibition of recent work by Beth Livensperger and Paul Baumann, opening May 15th, 2015 . The Exhibition includes paintings, works on paper and mixed media pieces. Mr. Baumann and Ms. Livensperger were both included in the National Academy of Arts and Letters most recent Visual Arts Invitational Exhibition. Their work is distinct in both approach and end result, but similar in its challenge to the viewer to discover the paths and perspectives laid out before them. They resist being easily or completely known, so that discovery and renewal are a part of each encounter.

Beth Livensperger’s vibrant paintings challenge our conception of public space, perspective, and the confines of architecture. They are devoid of human presence, but alive on every possible level. They are an encounter with the quotidian from an irrational perspective. The dull office spaces where our everyday lives unfold are here re-invented in irrational color and refracted vision, and we are challenged and delighted by what they have become.

Paul Baumann creates enigmatic sculptures and works on paper, that are experience driven and almost improvisational. They are bold yet delicate, and offer up cryptic conversations for the viewer to participate in. We recognize things if we choose to, grasping them as they appear and disappear among the unknown. Things are found, added taken away, always emerging from the paint or paper and inviting contemplation. Sculptures created from found and appearing-to-be-found objects solidify this amorphous quality, creating an adventure rather than a quiet conversation.

Ms. Livensperger and Mr. Baumann both work in Brooklyn, NY.


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