big SMALL works

A collection by Brooklyn College’s 2016 MFA’s

big SMALL works A collection by Brooklyn College’s 2016 MFA’s | Events Calendar

Tegan M. Brozyna, Melissa Capasso, Valery Estabrook, AnneMarie Graham, Javan Grover, Dianne Hebbert, Debbi Keynote, Angela Young Kim, Alyssa McClenaghan, Abigail Miller, Steven Naukam, Francesca Simonite, Charles Sommer, and Michael Uttaro

Upper E Side

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Thomas Hunter Project Room, Hunter College | Lexington Ave. between 68th & 69th Streets

Curated by Aisha Tandiwe Bell

This past year, Vito Acconci has been our Master advisor in the Brooklyn College MFA program.  His words have guided us to perceive with new eyes and ears, open thoughts and minds.

Big SMALL Works is a sampling of our most recent work.

“Start thinking-about/dreaming-of/designing/making a light (or lighting): start by thinking of light as a point of light, a dot of light…But, as long as the light remains a dot, a point, a mark, then the light can’t go anywhere, it’s only a point-in-itself, it’s enclosed in itself, it’s stopped by itself…In order for the light to light, to be lighting, to be light itself, to make illumination, to give out light, it has to go out of itself, it has to throw light, like throwing one’s voice…So make a light that refuses to stay stuck in itself, make a point of light that becomes a line of light -- a point of light that stretches from here to there, that spreads from here to elsewhere -- a point of light that produces, that results in, a ray of light, a channel of light, a beam of light, a volume of light…Don’t stop now, don’t stop where you are: bring your eyelids down, start to close your eyes, your eyelids are quivering, your vision blurs -- in your mind’s eye, or maybe from under your eyelids, the point of light has deformed into a blur of light, a haze of light, an ooze of light, a fog of light…”

— Vito Acconci

Thomas Hunter Project Room is located in the basement of the Thomas Hunter building on Lexington Ave. between 68th and 69th Streets.

Visitors will need to get a "guest pass" from the main entrance at Hunter College on the corner of 68th St. and Lexington Ave. You may then use any entrance to reach the Thomas Hunter Project Space, located in the basement of the Thomas Hunter Building.

Please email with any questions, especially if you have trouble entering the event: ange.ykim@gmail.com

Gallery Hours: visitation by appointment