Break The Rules

Malic Amalya, Kristen Galvin, and Sadie Benning

Break The Rules Malic Amalya, Kristen Galvin, and Sadie Benning | Events Calendar

E Village / LES

ABC No Rio | 156 Rivington

Curated by Carmel Curtis

Tuesday, July 7 | 7:30PM
Malic Amalya, Drifting, 16mm, 18min, 2010
Kristin Galvin, Project B*ambi, 5min, 2007
Sadie Benning, Judy Spots, 13min, 1995
ABC No Rio | 156 Rivington

Through watching disobedient, queer film and video, we can begin to question why rules were placed where they are in the first place. Malic Amalya's beautiful and haunting Drifting, shows us the space of the damaged and discarded through re-purposing and re-photogrpahing frames of found 8mm home movies. In Project B*ambi, Kristen Galvin breaks all the rules by editing and overlaying three film scenes from Deer Hunter, Bambi, and Debbie Does Dallas. Sadie Benning's Judy Spots, an animated short about a teenage girl, paper maché puppet named Judy (voiced by Kathleen Hanna), brings up issues of youthful despondency, complacency, and rebellion in a way that feels like a moving zine!

ABC No Rio is a multi-functional space that operates as a collectively-run community centre. Existing since 1980, ABC No Rio is explicitly a venue that cultivates oppositional culture and has a long standing commitment to supporting art, activism, and punks!

Curator: Carmel Curtis