Brooklyn for Sale: The Price of Gentrification, A Community Town Hall

Brooklyn for Sale: The Price of Gentrification, A Community Town Hall  | Events Calendar

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BRIC | 647 Fulton Street

Join Brooklyn Independent Media for a live broadcast of their next town hall. In Brooklyn for Sale: The Price of Gentrification, we explore the emotions, politics, history, and future of this complex process defining the Brooklyn experience.

It’s one of the foremost questions confronting Brooklyn today: Where do market forces and policy need to meet so that we can preserve the integrity of our diverse borough? Believing that every voice counts, BRIC seeks to include as many perspectives as possible on the issue: the homeowner whose property is suddenly worth millions; the renter who’s afraid he’ll be priced out—and forget being able to buy; the longtime resident being pushed out of her neighborhood; the many people who feel the racial and class tensions troubling the place we call home.

Opening Remarks:
Scott Stringer (New York City Comptroller)

Sharon Zukin (Sociology Professor, Brooklyn College)
Robert Cornegy (City Council Member, 36th District)
Neil deMause (Journalist/Author of The Brooklyn Wars: The Stories Behind the Remaking of New York's Most Populous Borough)
Ron Shiffman (Urban Planner/ Founder of the PRATT Center for Community Development)
Jherelle Benn (Community Organizer, Flatbush Tenant Coalition)
Juan Ramos(Chair of the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition)

Brian Vines (Brooklyn Independent Media)

Join the conversation and be heard. Send us your questions to the panelist via social media using #BHeard and they may be answered live during the broadcast.