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Hayoon Jay Lee

Long Island City

No Longer Empty | 29-27 41st Ave, Queens Plaza North

Korean-American artist Hayoon Jay Lee presents 'Bursting', a participatory and site-specific performance that marks the closing of No Longer Empty's exhibition 'How Much Do I Owe You?'.
Using rice as her main material, Lee's work represents the dualism presented in the global economic crises and that is mirrored in her life as an immigrant - feelings of freedom and isolation, abundance and shortage, cycles of hope and hopelessness.  “ Shifting Landscape” addresses human endurance and strength that, like the work itself, can be an illusion. The extensive landscape of rice glows with its under armature of light, yet each element of this field is formed by a single grain tentatively holding onto its place in the larger macrocosmic setting. 
On Saturday March 9th, the artist will stage a three part performance in the exhibition space. Korean military style drumming, gesture and dance mark this first stage of the performance, where the artist will proceed into the exhibition space in a traditional white Hanbok. Becoming an instrument, the artist will them weave and push between public spaces and viewer's private spaces, moving their bodies like rice bags, putting two strangers together, creating new human formations and relationships. 
In part three, Lee will immerse herself in “Shifting Landscape” creating showers of rice. Audience members will be invited to experience the visual and physical effects of the pouring rice.  At the end of the performance, Lee will gather rice from the floor and offer it to visitors enabling them to take home both the experience and materials of the work for future sustenance.