Calder Activation: Goldfish Bowl

Calder Activation: Goldfish Bowl  | Events Calendar

Greenwich Village / W Village

Whitney Museum of American Art | 99 Gansevoort Street

Thanks to an unprecedented collaboration with the Calder Foundation, this exhibition will provide visitors with a rare opportunity to experience works as the artist intended—set in motion by motors or air currents and further animated by touch. Specially trained museum staff will activate these works daily.

Additional rarely seen works will be brought to the museum for one-time activations led by Alexander S. C. Rower, the president of the Calder Foundation and grandson of the artist. These events will take place in both the gallery and theater. Additional dates to be announced.

July 12, 2 pm
Floor 8, Hurst Family Galleries
Goldfish Bowl

This exhibition features an expansive series of performances and events, bringing contemporary artists into dialogue with Calder as they interplay their own disparate practices with his innovations.


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