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Wave Hill | West 249th St. and Independence Ave.

Chris Doyle: Landscape Fictions
Glyndor Gallery | April 22-May 31, 2015

Concurrent with the outdoor installation, three of Chris Doyle’s animation projects will be exhibited in Glyndor Gallery. Together these works put The Lightening in context with Doyle’s long standing interest in the merging of nature and culture through landscape. Bright Canyon, 2014, was commissioned by Times Square Art Alliance, as part of the Midnight Moment project. The piece was displayed on 15 electronic advertising screens nightly at 11:57 during July 2014. Into this crossroads that started as a confluence of streams, Doyle interjects the cliffs of the Palisades, with cascading water and animated animals based on species found today in Central Park. This project has been adapted for a single monitor.

Since 2009, Doyle has been working on a series of animations based on Hudson River School painter Thomas Cole’s Course of Empire. The first piece Apocalypse Management (telling about being one being living), 2009, will be exhibited. This animation conveys the futility of digging out in the aftermath of a disaster, its origins unclear. In the second work in the series, Waste_Generation, 2010, Doyle questions the relationship between technology and waste, exploring our industriousness as a species, and ingeniousness as inventors who produce too much, to our own peril. Both of these works will be projected on room-sized screens.

A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies The Lightening and Landscpae Fictions, with an essay by Nancy Princenthal and a conversation between Chris Doyle and Jennifer McGregor. The catalogue is available for pre-order in The Shop at Wave Hill.

A limited edition print by Chris Doyle has been created to celebrate Wave Hill at 50. It is available through The Shop at Wave Hill; proceeds support the arts at Wave Hill.