CKTV Karaoke Party

Screening + Performance + Party

CKTV Karaoke Party Screening + Performance + Party | Events Calendar
credit: David Berezin

Ana Cecilia Alvarez and Victoria Campbell, Sean J. Patrick Carney, Shireen Ahmed, Kim Junsung, Alexandra Marzella, Lex Rocket, Emil Martirosian and Alex Gibson, and many more


The Gift Shop at Red Bull Studios | 220 W 18th Street

Curated by CKTV, Chris Rice, Joe Kay, Cleopatra's (previous editions)

Join The Gift Shop at Red Bull Studios for an art-meets-karaoke event of epic proportions. It begins at 8 pm with a release party for photographer Ben Rayner's book of karaoke photographs, "Organized by Title."

At 10 pm, CKTV, an immersive exhibition of sound, video, and performances facilitated by artists Chris Rice and Joe Kay, invite you to witness the release of new submissions and take the stage at this motley karaoke experience. CKTV is a performance/installation that commissions visual artists to create bespoke karaoke videos, which they perform to in front of a live audience interspersed with fellow partygoers taking the mic and singing along with videos from the CKTV catalogue. RSVP required for entry.

The Gift Shop is a collaborative project with Alldayeveryday and a permanent fixture of Red Bull Studios New York that draws inspiration from the traditional museum gift shop — a place to find covetable curiosities and miscellanea. The Gift Shop features specially curated inventory, unique artist commissions, and ongoing cultural programming.