Common Room

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Eric Brown, Sharon Butler, Paul Gagner, Jule Korneffel, Esperanza Mayobre, David McBride, Adam Parker Smith, and Jenny Vogel

Bushwick / Ridgewood

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Björn Meyer-Ebrecht's Studio | 1182 Flushing Ave.

Curated by Meyer-Ebrecht

I am pleased to invite you to a group show that I am curating in my studio during Bushwick Open Studio weekend. "Common Room" is an installation of a room within a room, which I built in my studio. The room has a raised platform as the floor and painted plywood walls. Within the room I will present a group show of works by eight artists. The initial idea of the show was to bring in works that function as windows offering different types of views. Thus the shared space in the common room can be located either in front of or behind the work. "Common Room" describes the actual confines of the location as a stage-like shared space. At the same time it references the shared intellectual, illusionistic or optical spaces these specific works create, linking them to a larger social room and context.

"Common Room" is the second installment of a series of curatorial projects in my studio. It follows last year's "Communal Table," in which I built an over-sized table that served as the shared base for sculptures by 12 artists. The current installation continues my interest in functional architectural objects, and represents the first time I have created a sculpture that functions as usable space.