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Tribeca / Downtown

New York County Supreme Court Civil Branch | 60 Centre St.

On April 20th, the New York County Supreme Court seemed to acknowledge a claim by the Nonhuman Rights Project that two chimpanzees held in captivity at Stony Brook University, Hercules and Leo, could be considered persons under the law by granting them a hearing for a writ of habeas corpus (“you should have the body”)—a legal action that seeks relief for a person who’s unlawfully imprisoned. A day later, the presiding judge hastily scratched out the phrase in an amendment while leaving a more cryptic concession to personhood: an order that the university “show cause” for holding the chimps. Can animals be considered persons? Who owns their bodies? Come Wednesday morning it seems like the court will have as many questions to answer as to ask.

The hearing will take place at New York County Supreme Court Civil Branch, 60 Centre St., Room 300, NYC. This event is free and open to the public.