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“After some years involving much travel away from home, I took this past year to be home, reflect and work. This work took me back to my living space, particularly the kitchen table. I count my days through my work. Thoughts of passing days, people, gestures and the often overlooked aspects of daily life have driven my work in a sentimental direction, many in the form of watercolor flower works.

I have always worked both in and out of the context of a traditional artist studio. Because I work from life, when I make a drawing of my kitchen table, I draw at the table; when drawing my view from bed, I draw in bed. “Home” and “studio” are wherever I am. Whether working in solitude, in collaboration with others, in familiar or unfamiliar places, my immediate environment presents opportunities for intimate engagement. The close quarters of domestic space continually fuels my work. For me, any space I occupy is a work space where my life and art can connect and thrive.

Working on paper has been important to my process. It allows me to expand and extend, cut and paste. I often begin with a rectangle, but if the limits of the rectangle cannot contain an image I’m making, I make the work bigger by adding more paper. Through these physical extensions I present fragments of a continuum, a little corner of a big world. When I make the drawings of my apartment, I draw in my apartment, a very confined space. In order to make large works, I fold-up the paper to a manageable working size. When a work is extremely large, I cannot see the whole drawing as I am working. And so, as my works expand, each part of the image is a response to the last thing I drew, almost never a response to the work as a whole. Each perspective in the work is local, almost never an overview. As a result some distortions and surprises ensue, resulting in a highly subjective sense of point of view that still makes some spatial sense. The adding, the folding, the drawing: all are evidence of my physical process, in a way, an expression and document of my movement. In this and in my film-derived work images are fixed, but the vanishing point is always in motion.”

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