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Postmasters Gallery | 459 West 19th Street

Postmasters Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Diana Cooper opening on January 5, 2013. Cooper is represented by Postmasters since 1999; her last show at the gallery took place in 2008.
Fellow artist Oliver Herring on Diana Cooper: “I learned to love how Diana sees scrappy detail and opportunity in everything and everywhere. If you ever have a chance to take a stroll with her through an urban landscape, do it. You won’t look at that blighted lot or that rusty street curb quite the same afterwards.” (Artnews, December 2012**)

In the My Eye Travels exhibition, Cooper offers an implausible environment, a transformed place that is never set and never stable. She brings together groups of photographs, photo-collages and spatial hybrid constructions that in an accumulative way convey a disorienting imaginary landscape. The works that incorporate images of sky, water, manmade objects and transitional sites are further de-stabilized by relocated and multiplied “photographic ghosts” from the gallery space itself: outlets, surveillance system, skylights and vents.

In her own words: I am fascinated by the interconnectedness of manmade structures/systems and those found in the natural world. I am increasingly drawn to the sometimes beautiful and sometimes tortured way that nature exists in contemporary environments, whether it be a huge plant stuck inside of a 21st century airport, or vines that resemble a chain link fence, or an abandoned bulldozed lot that unintentionally becomes a garden where weeds grow to the size of trees. My aim is to explore the strangeness of transitional spaces and the wonder they provoke.