Digital Arts Lecture Series: Richard O'Connor

Digital Arts Lecture Series: Richard O'Connor  | Events Calendar

Clinton Hill / Fort Green

Pratt Institute | 200 Willoughby Avenue

Location: Myrtle Hall, Lecture Room 4E-3, Brooklyn Campus

Richard O'Connor is a New York based animation producer, critic and teacher. With a small team at Ace & Son Moving Picture Company, Richard O'Connor makes lots of things. This year he produced 12 minutes of animation for Penny Lane's Sundance award-winning documentary Nuts! and a dozens of sequences for the documentaries Third Mind Blues (about Ray Manzarek of The Doors) and PBS's Nikola Tesla. Currently he's in production on Storycorps' Who We Are series with Upworthy, a short music film for the holidays and some other stuff. He's been doing things like this since the mid-'90s.

The Department of Digital Arts Lecture Series is a seasonal series organized by the Department of Digital Arts in the School of Art at Pratt Institute. The series features critics, artists, and curators of digital art and animation. The guests include both emerging talent and established pioneers in the fields of digital animation, motion arts, interactive artwork, and digital imaging.