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bkbx [Brooklyn Box] | 543 Union Street

Friends for decades, we (Eva and Fran) have been looking at each other's work, going to museums and galleries, contemplating art and talking about it with each other for most of our adult lives. Art is truly central to our friendship and to the relationships we have with our mutual friends; we've belonged for many years to an ever-evolving feminist artist reading group, whose discussions continue to inform our relationship to art making, our thinking about art, and our sense of interconectedness.

This show is meant to be a celebration of friendship and of the joy we both take in our work practice and each other's art. Our work is not related in material, method, subject, or sensibility, but we find it oddly complementary. Eva Melas' found and created objects and iPhone photographs reflect her observations of everyday life; the ceramics, embellished coffee cups and photography all speak to each other in their own shared language. Fran Willing's paintings, gradually built up in slow layers over hours/months/years, evolve on their own terms as the paint drips, seeps and changes.

We believe the work speaks for itself, without reference to theoretical underpinnings; it contains our experiences put into form to be experienced.
-Eva Melas and Fran Willing