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EXTRIGUE by Shiv Kotecha

Alphabet City

BHQFU | 34 Avenue A

Release party for Shiv Kotecha's EXTRIGUE w/ other Make Now Books & Friends @ BHQFU

EXTRIGUE invites you to its release;
so does BHQFU, where its release will happen;
so does Shiv Kotecha, its author;
so does Make Now Books, its press;
and so does whiskey, its vehicle:
7PM: "cocktail hour," i.e. "time to ask how acquaintances' weeks were" (w/ music)
8PM: a Reading from the Books
9PM: Whatever Happens After (w a DJ-Set by Troppo)

Once you have will have been invited, you will come, and then your invitation will also find itself supported by

Diana Sue Hamilton

Danny Snelson

and Mark Johnson

who also have Make Now Books, out now or forthcoming.

Kim said EXTRIGUE was "a post-conceptual Pompeii," but this release party will not be in ruins.

Steve said EXTRIGUE was "a severely empty poem," but the release will be neither empty nor severe.

Chris Sylvester talked about EXTRIGUE's "temporary enjoyment zones," but your enjoyment of this release will be permanent.




In addition to EXTRIGUE, Shiv Kotecha is the author of OUTFITS and PAINT THE ROCK, both available via Troll Thread Press. Other work can be found at Gauss PDF,, and elsewhere. Instagram @heyguyhere

Diana Hamilton's first book, Okay, Okay (Truck Books 2012) dealt primarily with women crying at work. Three chapbooks came out in recently: 1. Universe (Ugly Duckling Presse), a long poem about examples in moral philosophy; 2. Some Shit Advice (The Physiocrats), in which the speaker provides advice about shitting; and 3. 23 Women to Kiss Before You Die (Make Now Press), a collection of four poems about consent, female sexuality, and the quotidian.

Mark Francis Johnson lives in Philadelphia, where he is the proprietor of Hiding Place, a book / record shop that also hosts readings. Recent and forthcoming publications include rful (Hiding Press, 2013), Gruon BS (Make Now, 2014), Double Address to Hoof Sedition College Graduating Caste of 2091 (writing as Oren Mabb) (89Plus, 2014), After Such Knowledge Park (Make Now, 2015), and Yellow Highlighter (Troll Thread, 2015). Several of his mix projects can be found on

Danny Snelson is a writer, editor, and archivist. His online editorial work can be found on UbuWeb, PennSound, Eclipse, and Jacket2. He is the publisher of Edit Publications and series editor of 1000 Books by 1000 Poets. Make Now is producing his anti-erasure poem RADIOS. Other books include Epic Lyric Poem (Troll Thread) and Inventory Arousal with James Hoff (Bedford Press/Architectual Association). A new book, EXE TXT is shortly forthcoming from Gauss PDF. See also:


BHQFU is New York’s freest art school offering a full curricula of critique courses, studio residencies, and special events.