Forget About the Sweetbreads

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Heike Kati Barath, Miriam Cahn, Ellen Gronemeyer, Alice Mackler, Annette Messager, Norbert Prangenberg, Hal Saulson

E Village / LES

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James Fuentes | 55 Delancy Street

Curated by Joanne Greenbaum, Adrianne Rubenstein

James Fuentes is pleased to announce ‘Forget About the Sweetbreads’, curated by artist Joanne Greenbaum and associate director of the gallery Adrianne Rubenstein.

The motive for this exhibition was a conversation that happened nearly a year ago, which we wanted to extend by engaging in a curatorial project. Our mutual interest in ceramic sculpture and the way it can activate traditional yet internal sensibilities helped to inform our choices. We looked at the work of many artists of different generations, and came to think of them as part of a continuum, a foundation for future explorations. Barath, Cahn, Gronemeyer, Mackler, Messager, Prangenberg, and Saulson each represent a facet of our inquiry. Rather than holding court to an overlying theme, their practices are decidedly different.