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Fredericks & Freiser | 536 West 24th Street

Fredericks & Freiser is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings on paper by Gary Panter. Widely recognized as one of the most significant and influential founders of the Los Angeles punk aesthetic, Panter’s “punk, nuclear, hillbilly” sensibility has been a presence in the art world since the late 1970’s.

Panter’s work combines the manic energy of mass media with the narrative brevity of cartoon culture. Known for his jagged line and raw brushstroke, Panter presents chaotic image-strewn landscapes as well as more axiomatic works that center on filmic archetypes. Set against abstract backgrounds, both styles undermine narrative by dislocating characters from their expected storylines. At once primitive and urban, Panter’s work creates an uncanny world where mythology is fractured and sensory overload is anything but invalid.

Mike Kelley writes: “Then came Gary Panter whose work was so elegantly brutal, so seemingly effortless… just channeled lines of a most complex sort sometimes forming stories, sometimes congealing into wads and broken grids…Gary Panter was born to be the new master of a very secret school of visual communication.”