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Gerardo Castro

Tri-State Area

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Space Create | 115 Broadway

Gerardo Castro’s solo art exhibition “Emanations” carries a powerful Magical meaning, a meaning of communication and transformation, where parallels are drawn between the material and the incorporeal.
The art exhibit comprises of 9 works on paper measuring 2 feet by 6 feet in length as well as over 20 drawings on paper ranging in sizes from 12” x 16” to 22” x 30”. Castro’s Emanations created through the use of fire and branding, provide a body of work that pushes its limits by using minimal materials; work that enables a connection to history, a courageous confrontation of meaning and myth. The works in this series are branded with branding irons, bolts, chains, nails and various metal objects, as to suggest a “primitive” magical transformation, a process of burning messages encoded with meaning and history. Castro uses ideograms, sacred symbols, found in these belief systems to serve as a catalyst for manifestations: ideograms to call down the spirit to motivate forces into action; a direct connection to nature itself by using the stars, moon, sun to communicate with celestial beings; graphic symbols that represent the identification of a series of supernatural phenomena.