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Redhook / Columbia St Waterfront

Pioneer Works | 159 Pioneer St.

7pm; Tickets $10

“Glass” is a program of short experimental works about glass. This program includes The Wonder Ring, an early work by avant-garde film legend Stan Brakhage exploring windows, distortion, light and vision on NYC’s Third Avenue elevated train (demolished soon thereafter.) The centerpiece of the lineup is John Smith’s 1991 film Slow Glass, a mesmerizing experimental documentary that presents a discussion of the manufacture of glass as a way to explore memory and transformation. Filled with Smith’s signature witty wordplay and elegant visual punning, Slow Glass also quietly ponders weighter issues of urban transformation and the value placed on craftsmanship. Smith’s films Gargantuan and The Black Tower have been featured in past experimental screenings at Pioneer Works.

“Glass” is curated by Alexander Stewart, who has programmed several screenings of experimental film works at Pioneer Works, including the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation in 2013 and 2014.

Standish Lawder, Catfilm for Katy & Cynnie, 3:00, 1973, 16mm
Make A Wish: Glass (Macmillan Films – Arthur J Hornitz, dir.) – 12:30, 1972, 16mm
Stan Brakhage – Wonder Ring, 5:22, 1955, 16mm
John Smith – Slow Glass, 40:00, 1991, 16mm

With additional works TBA; 70 mins. total