Hot Dogs

G.B. Jones

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E Village / LES

Callicoon Fine Arts | 49 Delancey St.

Curated by Videofag

Saturday, July 18 | 9PM - 4AM
G.B. Jones, Hot Dogs, super 8mm on HD video, 1:34min. (loop), 1987/2015
Callicoon Fine Arts | 49 Delancey Street

Toronto punk icon G.B. Jones' Hot Dogs is a short, bite-sized video of juicy wieners slowly turning on their warming spigots, here looped in tantalizing and mundane perpetuity. Hot Dogs can be seen as a wry meditation on our society's phallocentrism and in dialogue with the Lower East Side's rich history of sidewalk vending and cruising (two activities which intermingle outside the public washrooms of near-by intersection Delancey and Allen).

Callicoon Fine Arts Gallery is owned and operated by Photios Giovanis. The gallery is in dialectic proximity to the public washrooms of Delancey and Allen, a historic intersection sidewalk of vending and cruising.

Curator: Videofag