HOT MEET: Jaimie Warren

HOT MEET: Jaimie Warren  | Events Calendar

E Village / LES

Abrons Arts Center | 466 Grand Street

Abrons Back Garden | Rain Location: Studio 201

Join us for a trio of steamy evenings as we draw back the elusive curtain between artists and audience. HOT MEET parties in the Abrons backyard feature NYC art makers unpacking their process. Each night will deliver scintillating conversation, artists curated tunes, frosty brewskies, and sizzling slabs of something juicy off the grill. And yes, tofu burgers too.
Jaimie Warren

Expect the bizarre and the delicious to blend beautifully as Jaimie Warren and friends create memorable funtertainment. “Chill” with the exorcist over a frosty beer, eat pulled pork tacos with Montserrat Caballé, get sensual with George Michael, and shed a tear to Freddy Mercury love ballads. Let’s see where the night takes us….

Jamie Warren is a photographer and performance artist, and is co-creator/co-director of the community-engaged traveling collective Whoop Dee Doo. Warren’s summer projects include teaching a horror-themed class for high school students at the Museum of Modern Art, and completing a residency at American Medium in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, with an exhibition opening August 9th. Warren is a 2015 fellow in Interdisciplinary Arts from the New York Foundation for the Arts, and is a new featured artist in ART21's documentary series "New York Close Up", with the first film focused on Whoop Dee Doo’s large-scale collaboration with the Urban Youth Theater Ensemble at Abrons.