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Ethan Cohen Fine Art | 251 W. 19th St.

Curated by Alexandra Loulias

Ethan Cohen New York is pleased to present our summer 2015 group show “IN THE CLOUD”. The exhibition will run from June 26th – August 28th, 2015 with an opening reception on June 25th, 2015 from 6 – 9PM.

IN THE CLOUD is based around two definitions the "Cloud". The first is a reflection on tradition using mysticism identified through process art. The second is a technology-based discourse examined in the work through painting and new media. Where we once looked to the clouds to guide us, we now trust the cloud with our personal data: our memories, relationships, and digital identity. Both are powerful in our evolution, requiring us to believe in the things that we cannot see. Your hands can’t hold your data and your face won’t meet the gods. Ancient myths used clouds as divine symbolism, imagining that the gods above had the ability to change the course of ones life. In practice, the artist no longer dominates the work, nature and gravity takes command just as clouds and high beings took command in ancient cultures. Eventually this evolved to the idea of clouds serving as a symbol of freedom; dreamy and whimsical states of mind. This cloud is now defined through technology as a vast abyss of mystery, a technological storage space of information whose control, use, and purpose is still dangerously unknown.

Featuring artworks by Buhua Liu, Christopher Lin, Deshawn Dumas, Eric Yevak, Franklin Collective, Greg Haberny, Hans Breder, Isaac Aden, Jake Cartwright, Jon Tsoi, Joseph Ayers, Liliana Gao, Mark John Smith, Matt Whitman, Michael Patton, Mollie McKinley, Noah Sokoloff, Nikita Shoshensky, Sylvia Feliz, Taha Heydari, Vargas-Suarez Universal

Opening reception sound installation by Data Garden

Curated by Alexandra Loulias

For all inquires, please contact the gallery at 212-625-1250 or via email at ecfa@ecfa.com

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