"in the hopes of not being considered"

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Eve Fowler, "Untitled" and "Untitled", 1995

Ross Bleckner, Chris Bogia, Julien Ceccaldi, Arch Connelly, Howard Cruse, Arnold Fern, Eve Fowler, Richard Hawkins, Roberto Juarez, Bradley Kronz, Sam Lipp, Libby Rothfeld, Ahbe Sulit, Ken Tisa, and Carrie Yamaoka


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Kate Werble Gallery | 83 Vandam St.

Curated by Nick Morgan

“i like to trot out my credentials as a cosmic personality in the hopes of not being considered anything in particular at all. this is close to that old forgotten feeling that you can’t stay on the earth for another minute.” – Jill Johnston, Great Expectorations

This group exhibition gathers together artworks by a wide range of practitioners from the late 1980s and early 1990s, many of whom were deeply affected by the AIDS epidemic, and whose art deploys techniques such as decontextualization, romanticization, aestheticization, collage, and cartooning. It also includes a smaller array of more recent work that uses related strategies in order to queer the codes of representation, question desire, pressure identity politics, or evoke a panoply of affects from obsession and fascination to yearning and abjection. Both share a yen for the decorative, the opaque and the ravishing. These artists don’t countenance a divide between their visual and conceptual approaches and their modes of opposition in times of strife. Mixing the gritty and the glittery, they instead explore the extravagant, the outmoded, the decadent, the degenerate, the outré, the déclassé, the scandalous, the gross, the indecipherable, and, with special urgency, the melancholic. They present messages that can’t be easily decoded, and images that do not wish to be identified.

Nick Morgan is a writer based in New York, New York. A PhD candidate in Art History at Columbia University, his dissertation takes up questions of identity, difference, and critique in art from 1988-1993, particularly in relation to the AIDS crisis.





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