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Laurence Egloff ohne Titel (Jordaens), 2013 Öl Leinwand, 40 x 30 cm

Adriana Atema, Laurence Egloff, Graham Macbeth, Nils Shoe Meulman, Sinead Ni Mhaonaigh, Lawrence Power, Jesse Willenbring, Mike Zahn

E Village / LES

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Pablo's Birthday | 57 Orchard Street

Curated by Arne Zimmermann

Each person has an Aura and each artwork has an Aura. It mostly depends on the "acceptor" of the Aura how it is perceived. At the same time the Aura was created around the “sender”.
The group show "Informed Painting" at Pablo's Birthday explores the "Aura" of abstract paintings. Before or during the creation of the abstract paintings was a clear defined image/ picture/ situation as an inspiration of the actual work. In the process of painting the works this image became abstracted. The final artworks are in different stages of abstraction but over all of them still hovers the Aura of their original “Descriptiveness” - even if you don't know it, you still feel and see there is something there.


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