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Intended Consequences

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Faceless Man with Gold Gun and Sparkler


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Leslie-Lohman Prince St. Project Space | 127-B Prince St.

The artist explores our relationship with money, power, and fragility through a selection of iconic symbols and pushes them forward through props and “re-photography”. Geana describes “re-photography“ as a process in which he takes a picture, transforms it using other techniques, and then photographs it again.

Using themes of luxury and decadence as a starting point, Geana displays such objects as a one hundred dollar bill, forged currency, fake diamonds, a human skull, a gold-plated gun, shackles, a pitchfork, and a dildo. These objects, created by the artist, are paired with a selection of images of nubile unclad men. In stark contrast to the artist’s commercial work, faces will be hidden or cut off.

An audio installation will greet guests with a barrage of media buzzwords voiced by the artist, turning the hallway into a three-dimensional constant feed of noise. Set against this dissociated cacophony of meaningless-yet-meaningful words are Geana’s sculptures and photographs, all false representations of hollow concepts. In fact, the only thing “real” in the exhibition will be the money made from the sale of the items, turning the false into something of value. Works that do not find a collector will be destroyed at the end of the run.