Inventive Methods: Data, Calculation, and Bodies

Inventive Methods: Data, Calculation, and Bodies  | Events Calendar


The Graduate Center, CUNY | 365 Fifth Avenue, Room C197

Celia Lury, Chris Salter

The digitization of daily life has led to an unprecedented surge of data, with vast implications for calculation, measurement, valuation, and analysis across social and cultural research. This conversation between renowned artist Chris Salter and social scientist Celia Lury will focus especially on the empiricism of sensation—how digital traces are meshed with the body—and will address questions such as how aesthetics can be put to use across disciplines, from the social sciences to political branding to the arts.

Presentations by Celia Lury and Chris Salter will be followed by an open discussion with respondents.

Cosponsored by the Life of Things Seminar in the Humanities.