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John Davis Gallery | 362 1/2 Warren Street

"My work recreates the architectural space of the whole or a particular section of the build space according to a subjective perception of this environment.

This non-permanent house-like constructions are made of wood, plywood, metal and sometimes are painted.

Beginning with a room, or part of it, I choose a point within the space to stand and rebuild the room with the perspective deformations that you have only from that point. From there, another room appears, and while it may resemble the original (same number of windows, doors, walls…) it is also quite deformed. Windows are misshapen, walls are skewed, and there may be very few, if any, vertical or horizontal lines. The replicated room feels simultaneously familiar and strange, as it claims an entirely new space.

This installation is based in several images that I have taken from the different homes I live in New York since I arrived from Spain in 1996."

Isidro Blasco, 2015





Thurs - Mon 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM