It's Unlikely

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Kaia Marie Balcos, Joel Dugan, R. Blair Sullivan, Nat Ward

Bushwick / Ridgewood

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Orgy Park | 237 Jefferson Street

Curated by Veronica Levitt

“Art makes the familiar strange so that it can be freshly perceived, “ - Viktor Shklovsky.

It’s Unlikely takes Shklovsky’s postulation as its point of departure, featuring work by Kaia Marie Balcos, Joel Dugan, R. Blair Sullivan and Nat Ward. The work included seeks to defamiliarize the subject and subtly unsettle the viewer. Rendering familiar media unusual, Kaia Marie Balcos and Nat Ward feature unexpected pairings of recognizable subjects or objects. R. Blair Sullivan employs non traditional materials such as smoke and tape to create seductive compositions and high-contrast photographs. Joel Dugan’s uncanny graphite drawings depict figures that are halfway between unplaceable and representational.

Rooted in traditional media; photography and graphite on paper, a surprising treatment transpires. Fleeting tensions are provoked through the application of contrast as seen in quietly unconventional usages of color, tone, subject matter, composition, or spatial arrangement, enabling the viewer to take an active role. Defamiliarization gives us space to reconsider the act of perception, allowing this reactive process to take form as a medium unto itself.