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Works on Paper from the 1980s

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Jessica Stockholder, Untitled, 1985, Oil pastel, collage, oil paint and gouache on paper, 28 1/2 by 20 1/2 in. 72.4 by 52.1 cm.


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Cleopatra's | 110 Meserole Ave

In 1983, Jessica Stockholder began her graduate studies at Yale and created the work My Father’s Backyard. This installation included painted planes and large found objects which she carefully arranged in the immediate architecture of her father’s yard. This installation function ed pictorially as a drawing in space and simultaneously as an immersive installation. The found objects and raw material Stockholder uses in her practice are often unexceptional, sourced online, found in home depot, or perhaps on the street. She brings objects together in a monumental way, divorcing the materials from their intended use and introduc es awe-inspiring possibilities to the viewer.

“When I was 14, I asked my parents if I could take a drawing class, and that was that. I just set out being an artist.” While at University, the artist determined that her interest in making her work at that time stemmed from the "materiality of the canvas, of the wall itself—maybe in going through the wall.”

Stockholder's exhibition at Cleopatra's in Greenpoint, NY features works on paper from the 1980's showcasing the artist’s unique ability to integrate architecture, color, form, and line, into the two-dimensional plane. These early works provide and intimate look into Stockholder’s unique process of composition and dynamic ability to work beyond the surface.

Jessica Stockholder was born in Seattle, Washington in 1959 and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She studied art at the University of British Columbia and Yale University where she later returned for a twelve year tenure as Director of the Sculpture Department at the Yale School of Art. The artist will have a solo-exhibition in September, 2016 at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York

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