Joe Wardwell: "Down from Day One" & Jeremy Chandler Scout: "Interlude"

With works by Jana Paleckova

Joe Wardwell: "Down from Day One" & Jeremy Chandler Scout: "Interlude" With works by Jana Paleckova | Events Calendar
Joe Wardwell Down from Day One

Tri-State Area

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FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery | 1064 Chapel St.

“My paintings integrate landscape, text, musical allusions, and abstraction to investigate myths about “nature” and national identity in the United States. Having grown up in predominately rural areas in the west, my commitment to landscape is both personal and political. This commitment merges with an interest in the distinctly American art movement of the Hudson River School. I am immersed in the history of landscape painting in the United States and how our relationship to landscape is historically linked to the defining of a national identity. From Emerson and Thoreau, to the early advocates of Manifest Destiny, to contemporary advertising- landscape and the American brand go hand in hand.”
– Joe Wardwell

Joe received his Masters of Fine Arts degree from Boston University and his Bachelors of Art & Fine Arts from University of Washington. Joe’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and has been awarded many prestigious grants and fellowships including The Theodore and Jane Norman Research Grant from Brandeis University, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Yale Norfolk Painting Fellowship, La Residenza Villa Il Palmerino Fellowship, and the Vermont Studio School Fellowship. Wardwell’s work can be found in the collections of the MIT List Visual Center, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Massachusetts, and many private collections.


“Scout’s Interlude: An installation of recent photographs and video by Jeremy Chandler. The title alludes to the idle moments of still introspection depicted in the work. Reclining male figures, isolated in an unidentified landscape, wait alone, embedded in a terrain, which functions as both concealment and medium for communication. While a potential dialogue is implied between the men, they remain disconnected, prompting the viewer to question the nature of their relationship to one another and the landscape. ” – Jeremy Chandler

Jeremy Chandler received his BFA from the University of Florida and his MFA from the University of South Florida. In addition to being the 2008 Photographer Laureate for the City of Tampa, Jeremy's work has been exhibited in many prestigious venues both nationally and internationally. Chandler's work can be found in The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO, All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL and other public and private collections.


In a recent statement Jana Paleckova writes, “My work is about revitalizing forgotten memories, people, and places and giving them new life. These photos, once considered precious because of the memories, which they conjured, have become discarded, finding their way into flea markets and thrift stores. The people in them are unknown to the sellers, and the stories associated with them have lapsed. I am not in control of the photos which l find, and the people I meet in them. Hiding behind a pile of miscellaneous junk, a woman's portrait stares back at me. Her story becomes alive again even though I know nothing of her. The unexpected elements I add, much like the photographs that present themselves to me, are gifts. Flashes of inspiration are then executed quickly. With my alterations I pose the question: "Who are the keepers of our own stories, and memories, and how might they evolve after we are long gone?”

Jana Paleckova is a self-taught artist living in the Czech Republic.