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Battery is a two-night performance by Sadaf H. Nava and Joseph Heffernan on May 27 and June 4, marking the opening and closing of their residency at the gallery space.

The sound of melodrama is the noise of its exhaustion. Nava and Heffernan will explore extreme emotional states sabotaging conventional tropes of dramatic affect with a cacophony of dissonance. Nava will use durational body movements and extended vocal techniques as well as amplified violin to improvise alongside Heffernan who will play piano and drums.

Nava and Heffernan previously collaborated for Performa After Hours 2013 curated by Summer Guthery.

Nava is a musician and performance artist. She has performed widely including at Microscope Gallery, Grace Exhibition Space, and Issue Project Room in collaboration with Raul de Nieves and Whitney Vangrin. She has an MA in Performance Studies from NYU and a forthcoming album with HOSS records. She has been featured in i-D, Novembre, Mask Magazine, and Bullett Media. She was born in Iran and is based in New York.

Heffernan is a percussionist and composer with a background in classical music. He has composed chamber music for the International Contemporary Ensemble, toured Europe playing drums for Paris Suit Yourself, performed at the MoMA with Emily Sundblad, and collaborated with Juliana Huxtable at White Columns Gallery. He is based in New York.

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