Jynne Dilling Martin book party and author reading

Jynne Dilling Martin book party and author reading  | Events Calendar

Tri-State Area

Retrospective | 711 Warren Street

We Mammals in Hospitable Times

Join us to celebrate the acclaimed poetry collection
We Mammals in Hospitable Times
by Antarctica Artist in Residence
Jynne Dilling Martin

Saturday May 23, 2015
Reception from 3-4:30 PM
Poet remarks at 4 PM
Retrospective Gallery, Hudson NY

Jynne Dilling Martin has been called “an extraordinary poet” ( Time Out New York), “full of intelligence and discretion” ( New York Times), and “a dreamer and questioner who recognizes both the painful absurdities of the world and our ability to thrive despite them” ( O Magazine). After serving as the 2013 Antarctica in Residence, she collected poems inspired by the animals, scientists, icy landscapes and bizarre encounters at the coldest corners of our planet in her debut book We Mammals in Hospitable Times.

NPR All Things Considered praised how “her poem pilgrimages whiz between the lives of reindeer and protozoa and crows. They sink deep into the center of the Earth…They capture the zaniness of being alive, the sheer kinetic wonder of it,” and the Washington Post called her “a guide who displays the wisdom of a shaman and the specificity of a scientist….Martin’s distinctive approach, full of complex leaps, makes this debut sound like no other.” This tremendous imaginative energy has resulted in her work being featured everywhere from The New York Review of Books to Fast Company, The Boston Review to PBS’s NewsHour, Weekend Edition to The Antarctic Sun. Additionally, her nonfiction writing has appeared in Glamour, Food & Wine, and Slate, and she works as the Associate Publisher of Riverhead Books in New York City.