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"To Keep You Warm” - Italian Neon Glass and Argon Gas

Navy Yard

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Cooler Gallery | 22 Waverly Ave

Triboluminescence is the creation of light through the breaking of bonds. There’s pulling, ripping, scratching, crushing, abrasion - and finally, radiance. When a diamond is cut it fluoresces blue or red, not unlike how a person could be described. He is feeling blue, or she is red with anger. In people, in objects, solid states are disrupted. These rips are the the road to a blinding denouement.

This friction is what I capture in intricately thin silhouettes - bodies and scenery made of light. The men have suffered, and will suffer. The women are conniving and manipulative, naturally. Their tears are phony and their heels are high. I am bringing to light, literally, their wicked ways. They are fiery, guileful, calculating, crazy ... or is it just that their brightness is harder to shield? Others are rotten, are double crossers, and they are somehow forgotten. But when a woman produces sharpness it’s as if she yields a deep eternal cut. So why not capture that wound in light? I illustrate the moment when that sap realizes he’s followed her down the wrong road, right before the crash. If you’re going to call most women crazy bitches anyway, so why not light them that way?

Kate Hush appeared in New York City via train in 2010, has been interested in wicked women since birth, and has been working with neon lighting since 2013. She is a quiet woman, and needs you to know nothing more.