Kazumi Yoshida

Blue Planet

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Blue Planet 2

Kazumi Yoshida

Tribeca / Downtown

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Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art | 35 N Moore St.

Kazumi Yoshida
Blue Planet

June 11 – July 12, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 11, 6-8pm

In his second solo exhibition at Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, Kazumi Yoshida’s sculptural paintings expand and continue his investigation of multi-dimensionality, pattern, and narrative by integrating a variety of vivid colors and raw mark-making. His reflections on the workings of the universe range from an intimate and emotional connection to a disciplined and systematic perspective. Yoshida’s poetic contemplations are flanked by his exquisite sense of control and precision in his work.

Yoshida is inspired by astronomer and cosmologist Carl Sagan’s work; Sagan referred to earth as a “pale blue dot…a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” Yoshida’s acrylic on paper “Sunrise” depicts a rising sun amongst hovering blue spheres, it has a stark directness and simplicity that acts as an outer layer to a complex and imaginative reality. Many of his paintings have a lyrical and playful quality that seem to incorporate a very personal and human element. In “Birds”, birds, flowers, and swirling colors float and swim together on the surface of the paper. Yoshida’s “Blue Planet” triptychs have an ethereal, mathematic, and conceptual presence. Circles of solid color rest within a crisp, white, angled spatial frame constructed in the golden ratio. Taught string shifts the plane and pulls the viewer in. There is a dynamic interaction between the planetary realm and the earthly experience in this new body of work. Yoshida plays with perception and reality by shifting between two dimensions and three dimensions. Providing a platform that looks beyond an initial experience and the temporality of our existence.

Kazumi Yoshida’s paintings and sculptures have been included in numerous shows throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. He has been designing printed and woven fabrics for over 25 years. As the art director at Clarence House, an American textile firm, he controls the evolution of each design, from creation to the finished product.