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Kenta Takatsu


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Ouchi Gallery | 170 Tillary Street

Curated by Ouchi Gallery

Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1984, Kenta Takatsu currently lives in Tokyo.
He liked imagining stories since childhood.
During his elementary school days, he liked imagining original animation stories
in his head on the way to school.
In high school, he started drawing, creating art works with pencils.
Majoring in film, he produced independent films as a director in college.
Have been interested in computer graphics and studying MAYA recently.
Exhibit art works at solo/group exhibition since 2011.
Art works:mainly digital painting and films with 3DCG.

We live in dark and anxious time after Great East Japan Earthquake of 3.11 in 2011.
However, I believe that a bright future will surely come, which is the concept of my works.

Website: http://www.kentatakatsu.com