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John Davis Gallery | 362 1/2 Warren Street

"This show draws from two bodies of my recent work: The Duro Series, a series of gouache paintings on Duro brand paper bags, and a series of collages inspired by grocery store imagery. Both of these explorations utilize paper and repetition as a source to document color in consumer culture.

The paintings on brown paper bags contain lines of color painted in tight succession, changing in tone a little bit each time. As the lines move from top to bottom, they become more obscured and intertwined with each other, leading the eye further into forms of increased resonance. This progression leads you to a new place, but you don’t notice until you look back and see how far you’ve come.

The series of collages contain images from newspaper circulators and grocery store sale posters, evoking memories of rich flavor and saturated color. Advertising and packaging promise a “utopian experience” within their products. The glossy exterior presents itself as trusting and consistent, though the line between what we’re buying and what we’re promised is often blurred. Like the brands I reference, I prefer my collages to be pleasing and attractive but to belie a more questionable content."

Kristen Rego, 2015





Thurs - Mon 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM