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NYFA Gallery | 20 Jay Street

Curated by David C. Terry

In partnership with Colectiva 21, NYFA Curatorial is proud to present La Crisalida, an exhibition highlighting artists from NYFA’s 2013 Guatemalan Boot Camp.

La Crisalida, or Chrysalis in English, refers to the stage of growth when a caterpillar turns into an butterfly or adult. The idea of this transformation, transition, or metamorphosis is symbolic to the changes that are occurring in the art world in Guatemala. NYFA welcomes 23 Guatemalan artists to reflect on how these ideas of change or evolution are being manifested.

Featuring artists: Lily Acevedo, Maria Aguilar, Gabriela Alfaro de Jolicoeur, Keith L. Andrews, BEMEKA, Monika Bruch, Luisa Caballeros, Analu Castejon, Andrea de Leon Fagiani, Wandy Gálvez, gART, Lissette Girón, Cindy Janeth d’O, María Hortensia Jiménez, Manuel Morquecho, Leslie Nanne, María Jimena Navarro, Ana Lorena Nuñez, Lucia Rohrmann, Waseem Syed, VALENZ, Karin Weller, and Xanderall.