Lewis Teague Wright

If You See Something, See Something

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Redhook / Columbia St Waterfront

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The Still House Group | 481 Van Brunt Street

The Still House Group is proud to present, If You See Something, See Something., a solo exhibition by Lewis Teague Wright. Teague Wright (b. 1987, London) is the sixteenth participant in Still House's rotating residency program.

Fascinated by our methods of coexistence and the invisible strategies we erect to keep order, Teague Wright explores how our will to conform is perforated by our desire to escape the known. A fetish for the exotic, the urge for travel, represented by the rituals of tourism, betrays our own craving for foreign experience as a tactic against the norm.

The products we carry with us on the journey are buffers against the unpredictable nature of displacement. Their expense is justified by a promise for comfortable mediation of the unknown. We acquire totems along the way, souvenirs of the inauthentic, while providing nothing in return but currency and tread marks - pathogens of leisure that remain long after we've gone.

As we attempt to indulge in new knowledge, eclipsed by the hereditary awareness of the locals, our habits are clumsily transposed upon our unfamiliar surroundings. Teague Wright operates within the ensuing disorientation, examining what these moments of sudden alienation expose, and in turn, how we answer to their repercussions.