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Rebecca Peel, Jonah Porter


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American Medium | 424 Gates Ave

the bloom twins [for example] are a 'dark pop' duo from the ukraine.
you can watch them exhibiting the awesome extent of their talents on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BloomTwinsMusic ; they each are able to play several instruments at a time, using all eight of their limbs and their vocals. they harmonize so naturally, so beautifully. they have found minor success singing minor-key covers of songs like imagine (for unicef) or happy, by pharrell. they wear leather, and they wear linen, at the same time. they are so gifted, so svelte, so palatably uncanny, so fashionable, so deeply dexterous!

anyway, can you decide -

this one or this one
this one or this one?212!?

and can you imagine -

the analog of young female talents outside of the little cultural place
that you see them, and maybe...go look for them?

ziegler, kuprienko, fabrizius





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